Lee Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management Study

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Key Stages

The project is now in the final stages, the development and publication of the draft and final Catchment Flood Risk Management Plan (CFRMP). Throughout the key stages of the study a number of public information and consultions days have been held provide opportunities for the project team to meet with stakeholders and members of the public to present the purpose and key findings & recommendations of the study and seek their views.

Stage Activity Summary Timing
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) The SEA runs in conjunction with the other stages throughout the project to ensure that environmental constraints and opportunities within the Lee Catchment are fully considered in the development and selection of appropriate flood risk management options. Summer 06 - Winter 08
Assessment of
flood risk
Flood defence asset survey Involves gathering information on the types and condition of flood defence structures (e.g. flood walls, banks, etc.) along the rivers and around Cork Harbour. Data is stored and analysed in the Flood Defence Asset Database, a a new software tool developed by Halcrow. Winter 06/07 - Summer 07
Topographical survey Involves both a site survey and aerial survey. The site survey has been used to determine the dimensions of the river systems, including cross-sections of the river bed, the river banks and any structures in the river channel, such as bridges or weirs. The aerial survey was used to gather information on ground levels in the river floodplains and around the perimeter of Cork Harbour. Winter 06/07 - Summer 07
Hydrological assessment Analysis of existing river flows and rainfall to input to the computer model. Assessment of drivers that are likely to influence future flood risk in the Lee catchment, including changes in climate & land use and urban growth. Winter 06/07 - Summer 07
Computer modelling of rivers and Cork Harbour Development of computer models of the rivers and Cork Harbour. The computer models will be used to predict water levels along the rivers and in Cork harbour for flood events of various magnitude both now and in the future. Summer 07 - Autumn 08
Flood mapping Use of the computer modelling results to identify and map areas of significant flood risk within the catchment both now and into the future. Three flood mapping formats will be developed namely flood extent maps, flood hazard maps and flood risk maps.

Spring 08 - Autumn 08

Option assessment Identification and assessment of flood risk management options to determine the preferred options Recommendation on potential options to manage identified flood risk as appropriate. Autumn 08 - Summer 09

Production of CFRMP

Development and publication of the draft and final CFRMP

Presentation of the results of the above activities and outline the proposed strategic flood risk management options for the catchment - subject to public consultation on an initial draft document.

Summer 09 - Winter 09

Key Activities

The key activities to the project are

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