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Flood hazard mapping

Flood hazard maps indicate the hazard, or potential danger, associated with a given flood extent. The food hazard maps produced as part of the Lee CFRAMS will provide flood hazard information to:

The calculation of flood hazard is based upon a mathematical formula which takes into account the depth and velocity of flood waters to provide a flood hazard value. These depths and velocities are derived from the hydraulic modelling results combined with the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of the floodplains.

The results of the mathematical formula are linked with a flood hazard category and a description of the danger associated with that category. The table below is sample of possible flood hazard categories and descriptions linked to sample flood hazard values.

The flood hazard categories are assigned a colour code and the spatial extent of the hazard mapped to produce the flood hazard maps. The map below is a sample of a flood hazard map from Hull City Council Strategic Flood Risk Assessment. Flood hazard maps have been produced for a number of annual exceedence probabilities and will be available for the eight river hydraulic computer models and Cork Harbour.


Glanmire on the Glashaboy River

St Patricks Bridge in Cork City

Macroom Mills

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