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Flood defence asset database

The Flood Defence Asset Database (FDAD) is a new software tool developed by Halcrow for use on the Lee CFRAM Study and other flood risk assessment and management studies in Ireland. The asset database contains a digital record of the type, condition, performance and location of flood defence assets in the catchment. Flood defence assets include walls, embankments, bridges and piers.

The software is designed to operate on both a mobile computer, such as a laptop and on an office computer network. The mobile system is used to collect information on the flood defence assets in the field. The main benefits of this digital information collection system are as follows:

The office based system is used to analyse the data collected in the field. The database can be used to highlight the assets in a catchment which need immediate attention or regular maintenance. This information will be used to develop a programme of defence asset management and maintenance. The database can be built up and updated in the future, thus allowing a comprehensive data base of all assets monitored and upgraded as required.

Flood defence asset survey

The flood defence asset survey for the Lee CFRAMS took place between December 2006 and February 2007. The map below shows the location of the defence assets that have been surveyed in the catchment.

Asset survey locations map
Loaded on: 21/09/07 - Size: 344kb

The defence asset survey involved using the mobile FDAD to gather information on the condition of various structures within the River Lee, its tributaries and Cork Harbour.  The surveys were carried out by boat in the wider sections of river and in the harbour, and on foot for the remaining sections. The flood defence asset database was loaded onto rugged Toughbook laptops. Digital background mapping and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) helped the surveyors to accurately locate assets along the rivers and around Cork Harbour. Once located, the assets were inspected more closely and the physical condition recorded in the database. Historical information from other organisations along with other data, such as existing surveys and aerial photography has also helped to inform the survey.

As part of our flood defence asset survey, a very high resolution LiDAR geometric survey of major flood defences in the catchment has been completed. For more information on this survey please visit our topographical survey page.

The data gathered during the survey has been incorporated into our flood risk assessment. The data will also be used to develop a programme of flood defence asset management and maintenance.


River Lee south channel in Cork City

River Sullane

Defence asset survey team in Cork City

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